How Great Clips Provided James Cummings A Franchise Investment He Could Ease Into

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How Great Clips Provided James Cummings A Franchise Investment He Could Ease Into
How Great Clips Provided James Cummings A Franchise Investment He Could Ease Into
Cummings was looking to diversify his portfolio and credits the Great Clips support system for his success
Great Clips provides an investment opportunity business owners can ease into. This was one of the main draws for franchisee James Cummings.

Cummings is a criminal defense attorney by trade and still practices law at his firm Cummings and Kennedy in Beaufort, North Carolina. Interested in diversifying his portfolio, he was looking to invest in a franchise. Although Cummings researched a number of other franchises, he said Great Clips caught his eye because they promoted the fact that he and his business partner, Pat McLaughlin, could keep their regular jobs while building the business. Franchise ownership with the brand is not an absentee business, but Great Clips encourages its owners to keep their professional careers and rely on their salon managers to lead and delegate tasks.

Cummings and McLaughlin have created a vast franchise network—they currently operate 18 units and employ 140 stylists. Cummings credits Great Clips’ tutelage as one of the key reasons for his success.

“Great Clips has a wonderful culture and tremendous leadership. They have built their brand by focusing on the customer experience and paying attention to the things that matter,” Cummings said. “It is humbling when you stop to consider how many people Great Clips corporate employs and how each of them works every day on improving my business. The franchise system can be very powerful when done well and Great Clips is one of the best.”

With more than $42 billion in annual revenue, the hair salon industry is dynamic and growing at an annual rate of 1.3 percent. Those that are looking to get into the industry can look no further than franchising with Great Clips.

There are a number of benefits for Great Clips franchisees, including being your own boss. The brand provides franchisees with all the tools they need to get their salon off the ground and thriving, including training and a corporate support system. The brand also has a customer research program to help franchisees understand the behaviors and needs of customers.

According to Great Clips, the total investment for a single franchise unit ranges from $122,250 to $233,100 and includes the $20,000 franchise fee.

Cummings said one of the best things about being a Great Clips franchisee is the support he receives from the corporate team. Without them he wouldn’t be where he is today.

“My family is very fortunate that we found Great Clips. Great Clips has given us a platform to achieve business success beyond our wildest dreams,” Cummings said. “The corporate team members at Great Clips have been incredible mentors and really helped shorten our learning curve. It truly has been great.”

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